My name is Eran Wolf, I am an Israeli artist, set designer, graphic designer and furniture designer.
I’ve been teaching children/adults how to make puppets,masks and animals out of recycled materials.
I taught set design for 6 years at the IED.
Since 2000 I’ve been teaching an art class at the Jewish Primary School in Rome, where we make objects and theatrical sceneries using recycled materials with children aged 6 to 11.
The last decade i have focused my efforts increasingly on creating works of art using recycled materials. My early works included the use of “theatrical” formats employed in a specific context. These “objects” in turn, become media. In these later works I use marionettes as well as carton boxes and other formats to deal with themes such as virility, myth, love and violence. In my works I often use common materials and popular formats (e.g. papier-mâché marionettes and masks).
Another aspect of my artistic development is the teaching of art to various audiences, from school children to adults.
These creative processes gave me the opportunity to keep close contacts with many local artists and the chance to meet, discuss art and exchange ideas on contemporary art and art in general.